Coffee and tea

Coffee and tea

Coffee and tea are impossible to imagine on our breakfast table. It is a fixed part of the day and gives us strength for the hurdles we have to overcome every day. But not only on the outside or taste these two products differ from each other.

The striking black liquid is not only by the very intense smell or taste. Invigorates and helps and in many situations of the day. Previously it was thought that the tea

coffee and tea 1

Coffee and tea

so-called BEA contains now know you that in coffee and tea, caffeine is included. Only caffeine in individual drinks acts differently.

Initially, when drinking coffee, one feels a strong stimulant effect. This opposite but not so long keeps the tea.  Enjoy tea is crucial how long pull the tea leaves in the water. The longer float the leaves in the Cup, dissolve the more tannins and the tea has a long-lasting and soothing effect.

Coffee and tea – what is healthier?

One can say that hard. Each person develops his preferences and thus defined its own Verfänglichkeiten.  Both drinks are healthy in the correct amounts. It is important to pursue only a normal consumer. Above-average consumption, it may harm his health. Ideal sin 1-3 cups a day. Get more discouraged.

Conclusion: Coffee or tea?

Could care less about. Everyone should appeal to his own taste or on its impact. We have to do it with natural products, so you know what is in the Cup. The effect is indeed different, therefore you should consider them always.  Both products are healthy, animating and helping.  So cheers!