Is coffee healthy?

Is coffee healthy?

A Cup in the morning to the be awake and after lunch to get through the depression at noon. Many people consume coffee daily to help them through the day and it has already become a habit for many. But coffee is healthy?

Removes coffee the body fluids?

No. It is true that coffee consumption leads to increased urge to urinate, which alone has no effect but on the

is coffee healthy 3

is coffee healthy?

Liquid household out. It however, the body can get used for regular consumption.


Responsible coffee for high blood pressure?

It is actually observed a link between coffee and the temporary increase in blood pressure. But in such small quantities, this is completely harmless for people. Coffee is to recommend even for people with high blood pressure.


More facts

There are extensive studies on coffee and health. The most important facts:

  • The caffeine will drink 30 minutes after the coffee absorbed by the body.
  • The mental capacity and the concentration are improved by the caffeine
  • The body will drink contrary to the rumors by coffee no liquid removed, because the kidneys are stimulated just short time
  • Coffee can improve the performance of athletes
  • Caffeine can act as a pain reliever because it constricts the vessels in the brain. Headaches and Migraines can thus be alleviated.
  • Caffeine activates intestines and speeds up digestion so after dinner
  • Coffee dilates bronchial vessels and thus breathing easier for a short time


is coffee healthy

is coffee healthy


As long as coffee is regarded as a stimulant and not consumed in excessive quantities, a danger to health is to close. Most people tolerate up to 4 mg of caffeine, what about To equate 4 cups of coffee a day is. Humans are an exception with sensitive stomach. They often respond to the acids in the coffee and should refrain from so dear.

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